Stain remover set

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Stain remover set Mit Pflegeöl Natur
Mit Pflegeöl Natur
69.90 89.90
Stain remover set Mit Pflegeöl Weiss
Mit Pflegeöl Weiss
69.90 89.90


Stain pharmacy

  • 1 x 250ml stain spray removes stains from wood e.g. coffee, wine stains etc.
  • 1 x 250ml Tannic Acid Stain Spray removes black and dark stains e.g. from flower pots, metal feet etc.(for oiled surfaces)
  • 1 x 250ml Maintenance oil natural or white with new drip cap
  • 2 x hand sponge
  • 2 x terry cloth small

Product Info

The stain remover penetrates deep into the wood pores and removes the stain. It can happen that woods which have changed their colour over the years due to UV rays leave a light spot. This will change colour again within a period of 2-5 months.
The stain remover can be used on all types of wood. Alternatively, the Woca Intensive Cleaner Spray can be used first.

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