Multimop 3 action set + free replacement cotton fringe 1.0L organic wood floor soap + stain remover spray

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Multimop 3

The new Multimop 3 is here, a quality product and 100% Made in Italy.

This new robust mop system for daily professional floor care has been made for home in the office or in the store.

Handy and very space saving

Cleans under any furniture and in any corner
Two separate water chambers 100% waterproof
Keeps clean and dirty water separate
Made for oiled surfaces and other surfaces
Easy handling - Enormously reduced cleaning time
Double wheeled bucket (7 & 8 liters)
Wool fringe cover 48 x 20 cm (same as Multimop NG2)
Integrated pressing system, with foot pressure, presses out floor mops evenly and thoroughly

Scope of delivery: double mobile bucket, 1 x wool fringe cover, integrated pressing system, 3-piece aluminum rod, folding mop holder. 

- Nature 1.0L BIO Wood Floor Soap 

- Stain remover spray

- Free replacement cotton fringe

Dimensions incl. wheels:

Height 42cm / Width 28 cm / Length 44cm

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