Re oel Set small

Re oel Set small With Care Oil Nature
With Care Oil Nature
49.90 62.90
Re oel Set small With Maintenance Oil White
With Maintenance Oil White
49.90 62.90


Dissolves stubborn dirt acts degreasing and opens the wood. Suitable for raw , oiled, waxed, lacquered and soaped surfaces. After-treatment with care oil, wood floor oil or Diamond Oil etc.

1 x 0.25L WOCA Intensivcleaner

Used for cleaning parquet before re-oiling, removes dirt and grease efficiently and opens the wood. After treatment with maintenance oil, wood floor oil or Diamond Oil etc.

1 x 1.0L WOCA Maintenance Oil

Woca Care Oil is easy to use and therefore well suited for application with a sponge to re-oil the parquet.

Maintenance Oil can be used to refresh and care for all oil-treated wooden surfaces and is particularly suitable for the regular care of oil-treated wooden floors. Product, room and floor temperature should be between 15°C-35°C. Provide sufficient ventilation during application and drying, e.g. by opening windows and doors.

1 x Hand sponge oil-sponge

Ideal hand oil sponge for applying maintenance oil.

2 x terry cloth / polishing cloth

Towel 50x50cm
WOCA Frottée cloths for polishing off excess oil.
With single disc machine or by hand.

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