Terrace-Boy New with silicon carbide roughing brush

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Terrace-Boy single-disc machine with oscillation

The cleaning machine for your decking surface equipped with a silicon carbide scrubbing brush which cleans very efficiently.

This silicon carbide brush was specially developed for the Floormac Terrace-Boy.

Suitable for:

- All types of wooden decking

- Composite stone paving

- Fine stone slabs 

Efficient work with the machine leads to a perfect result, which takes much less time than with manual processing of WOCA care products. The super cleaning machine for wooden terraces, stone floors and also for indoor parquet - a really good and appreciated helper.


- Single-disc machine incl. silicon carbide brush
- 1.0L WOCA Exterior Cleaner

- 1 WOCA care instructions

Technical data

- Total power 290 Waat
- Brush speed / oscillation 1450 pro/min
- Operating weight 13Kg
- Working width 33cm
- Mains cable length 7.5m

If you have any questions about the machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New customers with an order value of CHF 500 or more can pay in advance or by credit card.

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