Accessories Multimop 3 / NG2

Accessories Multimop 3 / NG2 Aluminium rod
Aluminium rod
Accessories Multimop 3 / NG2 Telescopic rod aluminum / blue 2 x 80cm
Telescopic rod aluminum / blue 2 x 80cm
Accessories Multimop 3 / NG2 Mop holder 3 / NG2 40cm
Mop holder 3 / NG2 40cm
Accessories Multimop 3 / NG2 Premium Baumwollfranse 3 / NG2  40cm
Premium Baumwollfranse 3 / NG2 40cm
Accessories Multimop 3 / NG2 Baumwoll-Mopp 3 / NG2 40cm
Baumwoll-Mopp 3 / NG2 40cm
Accessories Multimop 3 / NG2 Mikrofaser-Flachmopp 3 / NG2 40cm
Mikrofaser-Flachmopp 3 / NG2 40cm


Here you will find suitable accessories for our cleaning systems Multimop 3 and Multimop NG2

Premium cotton fringe cover for Multimop NG2/3

Cleans under all furniture
For fast and effective work
Also on large surfaces, mixed fabrics
Overlapping edges as shock protection,
Absorbs up to 6 times its own weight in water
Durable, up to 500 washes in the machine and dryer 

Microfiber flat mop is optimal for cleaning tile floors / sealed parquet and rough floors. Best suited for sanitary.

Microfiber mop with 7 mm long fibers
optimal for floors with rough surface and flat joints in tiled floors
blue/white stripes
strong metal eyelets at both ends of the mop allow tight fit on the multimop holder
48 cm x 20 cm wide
suitable for Multimop NG2 and 3

NOT suitable for oiled or soaped parquet floors.