Multimop NG 2 double bucket set

Multimop NG 2 double bucket set Cotton mopp 40cm
Cotton mopp 40cm
159.00 193.00
Multimop NG 2 double bucket set Microfiber flat mop 40cm
Microfiber flat mop 40cm
169.00 199.40


The new Multimop NG 2

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Cleans under every furniture & in every corner

Double chamber bucket (15 liters)
Keeps clean and dirty
Water separated.
Wool fringe cover 48 x 20 cm
manufactured for oiled surfaces.
Enormously reduced cleaning time.
Easy handling.
Sturdy and lightweight. Small & handy.
Professional vertical press, presses out floor mops evenly and thoroughly.

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bbuser 11.10.2016
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cpfenninger 25.01.2018
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ahunkeler 14.06.2015
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Super Gerät. Kleiner Abstrich, da der Wagen nur mit dem Fuss gebremst werden kann.