Multimop Junior Kit Starter set for sealed surfaces

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Multimop Junior Kit with handle

Semi-professional flat mop system with micro tabs

Ideal for semi-professional high-performance cleaning of horizontal and vertical surfaces such as sealed wooden surfaces or all washable surfaces. 

Kit: 4-piece modular handle - 140 cm, Uni Junior holder, 35 cm soft band mop cover and 14 L single bucket with press

- Lacquer soap 1.0L

- Stain remover spray 0.25L

Versatile: for quick and effective cleaning of horizontal and vertical surfaces
Ergonomic: no bending during use to protect the health of your back and joints
Practical: the simple opening system of the holder enables quick set-up
Efficient: the cleaning cover attaches quickly to the holder and remains in place during use
Lightweight: the lightness of the system ensures sufficient and effortless adhesion to the floor
Functional: ensures the right level of moisture on the floor to avoid streaks and prevent slipping
Effective: the microfiber penetrates the microporosity of the floor, collecting dirt and more than 95% of bacteria
Time-saving: thanks to the large cleaning surface and the ability to reach corners and clean under furniture
Hygienic: the cleaning cover used removes dirt without any hand contact

Soft Band mop cover: Yarn: 80% microfiber (100% polyester) + 20% polyamide 


Height 29cm / Width 30cm / Length

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