Lacquer and Vinyl Care 1.0 Liter



WOCA Lacquer Care for sealed wood floors, linoleum, vinyl, laminate 

Refreshes laminate, vinyl, and all sealed wood floors.

Conceals minor scratches and protects against later dirt accumulation. Extends the lifespan of lacquered surfaces and gives the surface a silky sheen.

WOCA Lacquer Care is tested to meet high standards of healthy living, so it can even be used to treat children's toys without any worries.

Product Info
Lacquered, sealed wood floors, laminate, or vinyl must first be cleaned using WOCA Wood Cleaner. Apply WOCA Lacquer Care unthinned using a mop; it is not necessary to use a machine. After a drying time of 30 minutes, the floor may be walked on again. Coverage: 55-65 m2/liter. For the regular cleaning of lacquered surfaces, we recommend using WOCA Lacquer Soap

Areas of Application
lacquered, sealed wood floors, vinyl floors, laminate

Items needed:
floor mop, mop bucket

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arturo81 05.07.2016
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fborn 26.04.2019
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War sehr gut und leicht zu machen