WOCA Bees' Wax for Furniture



WOCA Bees' Wax for Furniture is solvent-free and intended for the manual basic treatment and/or refreshing of waxed wood surfaces – especially furniture and toys. Woca Bees' Wax may be used on all kinds of wood.

Treating wood with wax creates a finish on it that repels water and dirt.
Important Product Info on Bees' Wax for Furniture
70% solid particle concentration, may be used on all woods
Drying time: approx. 24 hrs. Coverage: 8-10 m2/250 ml
Do not use WOCA Bees' Wax on flooring
The surface of the wood should be washed with Wood Cleaner beforehand; the beige pad can be used to enhance the cleaning effect. Bare wood should also be washed with Wood Cleaner before waxing

Items needed
Manual application
beige pad, 2x
polishing cloths, 2-3x for every 10 m2

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