WOCA Pro Furniture Oil



WOCA Pro Furniture Oil

Specially developed professional oil for carpenters/joiners. Furniture Oil is designed to penetrate deeply into the wood, filling the pores completely. It's especially resistant to wear, dirt, and moisture.

It also dries quickly, allowing you to get right on to the next step,
and won't leak afterwards.

Furniture Oil Areas of Application:
For all wood surfaces, untreated or treated with lye, softwoods and hardwoods, solid or veneer, as well as for furniture of all kinds, wall and ceiling panels, and wood trim and molding.

WOCA Furniture Oil is produced using plant-based materials and is recommended by the Institute of Building Biology in Rosenheim, Germany. No additional curing agents, which can be toxic, are mixed in to help with the drying process, as the oil dries naturally in the air.

Using Furniture Oil
Use a cloth with Wood Cleaner to wash the bare surface of the wood after it has been sanded, leaving it damp. Allow it to dry for 3-6 hours, then use a brush or sheepskin to apply Furniture Oil to the wood. Allow to set in for 20 minutes, then add another coat of Furniture Oil once the first coat of oil has been fully absorbed into the wood. Using a random orbit polisher with the beige pad as an intermediate layer, attach a Patina Disc and work it over the surface. Make sure that the surface is always well moistened with Furniture Oil. Afterwards, use a polishing cloth to completely polish away any excess oil. After 12 hours, apply post-treatment. Use a brush or sheepskin to apply Furniture Oil, allow it to set in for 20 minutes, then polish away any excess oil.

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