WOCA Colour Oil 106 dark red-brown

container size
WOCA Colour Oil 106 dark red-brown 2.5 Liter
2.5 Liter
SFr. 172.25
WOCA Colour Oil 106 dark red-brown 0.25 Liter
0.25 Liter
SFr. 22.50


WOCA Colour Oil

WOCA Master Colour Oil is an oil available in 12 colors, allowing you to customize the color of your wood floor or furniture.

Treat the wood with stains or lye beforehand for additional possibilities like a used look or more intense colors. All Master Colour Oils can also be mixed. WOCA Master Colour Oil's organic properties make it ideal for meeting healthy living standards, and it may be used to treat children's toys in addition to wood floors and furniture.

Why WOCA? The components in WOCA oils are derived exclusively from plant products, consciously forgoing the use of synthetic oils. The oil dries in the air due to oxidization, making it unnecessary to add any non-natural curing agents.

Product Info
Coverage: 10-12 m2, drying time: 24 hours
Solid particle concentration: 55%; it may be necessary to treat the wood a second time with Woca Master Colour Oil or a colorless High Solid Master Oil.

We recommend wiping bare, sanded wood with Woca Wood Cleaner until damp. This opens up the pores in the wood, allowing for a more consistent finish with more intense colors.

Oak is a wood with a very evenly distributed grain, making it especially well suited for Woca Colour Oil. Woods like maple, beech, pear, birch, walnut, cherry, beech, and elm are only suited under certain conditions. We recommend testing a sample beforehand. The woods ash, fir, spruce, and larch may also be treated with a pigmented oil.

Before using a pigmented oil, the wood should be very finely sanded. Be careful not to leave behind any rough sanding marks. We recommend using a random orbit sander at 150 grit or less to sand the areas near the walls. Afterwards, fine-sand the floor with a 120-grit sanding mesh on a single-disc rotary machine or a three-disc machine at 150 grit.