Commercialöl Natural



WOCA Commercialoil Natural

Cleaning and oiling in a single workflow

  • Cleaning and oiling in a single workflow
  • Simple and quick-drying 
  • For high traffic areas 

Commercial Oil is for use in high traffic areas, where deep cleaning and oiling of the wood is required, in a single process. The oil is quick drying and therefore ideal for buildings such as airports, railway stations and public areas where it is not possible to seal off the area for an extended period of time. Commercial Oil cleans and maintains the wood thoroughly, leaving a surface that is both water repellent and maintained.

How to:


Shake the container of Commercial Oil thoroughly.


Apply approx. 100 ml of Commercial Oil per 10-20 m². Apply the oil using a polishing machine and a green polishing pad. The oil should be polished well into the wood. Continue polishing until the wood seems saturated and the surface has an even, uniform appearance. The surface must not appear wet afterwards.


The floor can be used after a drying time of 2 hours at 20°C. Do not clean the floor or expose it to water during the first 24 hours, while the oil is curing.

For regular cleaning, use WOCA Master Soap, article no. 511055A, for example every 2 or 3 days. Follow dosage instructions on the label. The soap is suitable for use in floor washing machines. Commercial Oil should be applied 2-4 times a year, or as required.

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