High Solid Master Oil

High Solid Master Oil 2.5L Nature
2.5L Nature
High Solid Master Oil 5L Nature
5L Nature
High Solid Master Oil 2.5L White
2.5L White
High Solid Master Oil 5L White
5L White
High Solid Master Oil 2.5L Extra White
2.5L Extra White
High Solid Master Oil 5L Extra White
5L Extra White


WOCA High Solid Master Oil

Heavy-duty oil with a high sold particle concentration (80 percent)

WOCA High Solid Master Oil may be used as a basic treatment for untreated wood or as a finish on already-oiled wood floors. This oil is intended to be used for machine treatment of wood floors.

Light-colored woods like maple, unsteamed beech, ash, or oak should be treated using the anti-yellowing High Solid Master Oil in White, available in either "White 7 Percent" or "Extra White 13 Percent". The structure and natural coloring of the wood can be brought out using the "Natural" colored oil; it can be used for woods like cherry, walnut, smoked oak, and steamed beech.

WOCA oil is recommended by experts in healthy housing, which is why it can be used not only on all types of wood, but also on children's toys.

Why WOCA? The components of Woca High Solid Master Oil are of purely plant-based origin; no synthetic oils are used. No additional toxic curing agents are used, either; the oil fully dries in the air.

Important Product Info
When working with the oil, the temperature in the room should be at least 18 degrees Celsius.
The oil features a solid particle content of 80 percent, which means it's no longer absolutely necessary to apply Maintenance Oil afterwards. The oil dries within about 12 hours, and can be walked on carefully in 24 hours.

It covers an impressive 18-20 m2 per liter.
Untreated, sanded wood needs to be treated with Woca Wood Cleaner until slightly moist before using High Solid Master Oil.

Steamed woods should be primed beforehand, using a mixture of three parts oil solvent to one part WOCA High Solid Master Oil.

High Solid Master Oil is intended for machine application only. A rotary floor polisher-professional may be rented at Holzpunkt.

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