WOCA Natural Soap Color

WOCA Natural Soap Color 1.0L grey
1.0L grey
SFr. 27.70
WOCA Natural Soap Color 2.5L grey
2.5L grey
SFr. 51.20


WOCA Natural Soap cleaning and maintenance for color-oiled wood floors

Natural Soap with color pigments for long-term preservation of color pigments in the floor oil and anti-yellowing protection against UV rays.

WOCA Natural Soap Color for the regular care of oiled wood floors. Natural Soap removes dirt and revitalizes oiled wood in one step. The coconut oil contained in the soap has a replenishing effect that revitalizes floors and provides protective layer that very effectively repels water and dirt.
Coverage: 320-400m2/liter.

Natural Soap Black: For all wood floors treated with a dark-colored oil, also works on smoked woods oiled in their natural color.

Natural Soap Extra White: Lightens up any white-oiled wood floors even more.

Natural Soap Grey: For all grey-oiled wood floors