WOCA Natural Soap Spray

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Natural Soap Spray - Cleaning and protection of oiled wood

For daily use. Use Natural Soap Spray to clean and revitalize furniture, tabletops, Kitchen surfaces, and wood floors in one single step.

  • For regular cleaning

  • Nourishing effect
  • Suitable for toys
  • Ready mixed
  • IBR-certified

WOCA Natural Soap gently removes dirt from the wood. The vegetable fats contained in the soap have a replenishing effect on the oiled surface, leaving a protective sheen that repels water and dirt.
Wood surfaces oiled in white can be treated with Natural Soap White. WOCA Natural Soap Natural is used to treat surfaces that are colored or oiled in their natural tone. Natural Soap Spray is suited for use on all oiled or waxed wood surfaces. The soap can even be used on children's toys. It's a purely plant-based product that has been developed and tested to meet high standards of healthy living.

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