WOCA Oil Refresher 2.5L Sale

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Woca Öl-Refresher Natural
WOCA Oil Refresher 2.5L Sale natural
natural Sale!
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Woca Oil-Refresher White
WOCA Oil Refresher 2.5L Sale White
White Sale!
SFr. 100.25 SFr. 79.85


WOCA Oil Refresher cleans and revitalizes

Cleans and revitalizes oiled wood floors, leaving behind a flat, protective layer of oil on the surface that offers maximum protection against dirt and water from day one.
An oiled surface in the living area or Kitchen is generally re-oiled every 1-2 years. This refills the pores in the wood with oil, makes scratches disappear almost completely, and depending on the type of wood, brings out the color of the wood in all its splendor. Just add WOCA Oil Refresher to the water in your mop bucket. The oil content in Oil Refresher makes it great for replenishing the oil in wood floors from time to time in addition to treating it with soap. While WOCA Oil Refresher can delay having to re-oil the floor, though it doesn't replace it.
After 4-5 times treating the floor with soap, use Woca Oil Refresher instead. Apply Oil Refresher with a wet mop, like you do with soap. Combine Woca Oil Refresher with water at a ratio of 1:30 to 1:40. Coverage: 200-300 m2/liter

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