WOCA 1.0L Care - Set

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WOCA 1.0L Pflege - Set
WOCA 1.0L Care - Set WOCA Pflege - Set Natur
WOCA Pflege - Set Natur
SFr. 129.70
WOCA 1.0L Care - Set WOCA Pflege - Set Weiss
WOCA Pflege - Set Weiss
SFr. 129.70


WOCA Natzural Soap

Clean and revitalize wood floors in one step. Natural Soap has a replenishing effect that gives the wood a water- and dirt-repellent quality

WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap

Cleans and revitalizes oiled, UV oiled, and waxed wood floors; leaves behind a flat, protective layer of oil on the surface that offers maximum protection against dirt and water from day one.

WOCA Intensivcleaner

For basic cleaning of wood surfaces; may be used on all finishes whether sealed, oiled, or waxed; neutralizes tannic acids for improved protection against water and oxidation spots.

WOCA Maintenance Oil

Re-oil floors at home, easy to use, revitalizes wood coloring and fills wood pores with oil, drying time: 24 hrs, solid particle concentration: 40%, coverage: 30-40 m2/liter

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