WOCA Maintenance Paste for UV oiled wood floors 200ml

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WOCA Maintenance Paste for UV oiled wood floors

OCA Maintenance Paste is designed to be used on UV cured, oxidative oiled, or waxed surfaces. Maintenance Paste refreshes the color of the wood and saturates the pores of the wood with oil.

Maintenance Paste is used for basic treatment and upkeep of previously treated floors.
WOCA Maintenance Paste can be applied by hand on an area of 3-5 m2; larger areas require the use of a rotary floor polisher-professional.
Important Product Info
Solid particle concentration of oil components: 60%.
Drying time: approx. 24 hours. Coverage: 40-100 m2/tube, depending on surface and on wood type. Apply Woca Maintenance Paste to the beige pad in a flower-like pattern. Clean wood floors with Wood Cleaner before treating with Maintenance Paste.
Items needed:
floor polisher-professional
Polishing cloths, 10x for every 100 m2 or wool pads
beige pads, 2x

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