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Bioca wood floor soap a natural product.

The environmentally friendly floor soap made from organic sunflower oil. 

Consistent, sustainable.

Cleans, soaps and maintains oiled, soaped and waxed wooden floors as well as untreated natural stone floors, and freshens them up in a natural way. BIOCA Wood Floor Soap is not only suitable for parquet floors: BIOCA cleans and maintains all wooden surfaces.

Reduced ecological footprint thanks to the absence of surfactants, palm oil and coconut oil. Vegan and 99% biodegradable after 30 days. (OECD 302B. Produced in Switzerland).

Dilute wood floor soap with water in a ratio of 1:40 - 1:100 (e.g. 50 ml wood floor soap to 5 l water). The harder the wood, the more soap to use. Damp mop floor with cotton cloth (do not use microfiber). Allow residual moisture to dry. Repeat depending on degree of soiling and place of use. Available in containers of 2 liters (enough for approx. 200 liters of mop water). Refillable in specialized stores.

BIOCA Ingredients: Sunflower oil from controlled organic cultivation (seasonal, Europe) Soap 15-30%.

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Super Produkt, ausgiebige Seife, lokal hergestellt und erst noch Bio!
Super, ein Schweizer Bioprodukt mit gutem Pflegeresultat.
reinigt super gut , hinterlässt keine Spuren und sieht gut aus nachher, macht einfach Freude

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