WOCA Natural Soap ph-neutral

WOCA Natural Soap ph-neutral  1.0L Natural
1.0L Natural
WOCA Natural Soap ph-neutral  2.5L Natural
2.5L Natural
WOCA Natural Soap ph-neutral  2.5L White
2.5L White


WOCA Natural Soap ph-neutral 

Clean and revitalize wood floors with WOCA Natural Soap. Thanks to its improved formula, the wood floor cleaner is now pH-neutral, making it gentle on both wood and skin. The WOCA wood floor cleaner is used for the regular cleaning and care of oiled parquet. It combines cleaning and care into one step. The vegetable fats contained in the soap moisturise the floors after cleaning, with the oiled surface building up a water and dirt-repellent patina. WOCA Natural Soap can be used on any oiled wood surface. It's available in Natural for all woods oiled in their natural color or in white for wood floors oiled in white. For light-colored woods like maple, ash, and oak, WOCA Natural Soap provides additional anti-yellowing protection against UV rays. WOCA Natural Soap is now available in Grey for grey-oiled wood floors.

  • New pH-neutral formula
  • No leaching of the wood
  • All-in-one cleaning and care
  • Outstanding level of cleaning
  • Suitable for use in floor cleaning machines
  • Particularly gentle on the skin
Coverage 320-400 m2 per liter
Dries in 20-30 minutes

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