WOCA Master Soap for commercial properties natrual 5.0 Liter



WOCA Master Soap for commercial properties

WOCA Master Soap has been specifically designed for heavily frequented areas like shop floors, restaurants, daycares, schools, etc. For daily gentle cleaning; not film-forming.
Master Soap cleans and revitalizes oiled wood floors in one single step. Vegetable fats contained in the soap have a replenishing effect in oiled surfaces. Dirt and old soap residues are removed, building up a new protective layer on the surface.
Using a professional floor scrubber can make the task of cleaning and maintaining floors in commercial spaces like shop floors and restaurants significantly easier. You can fill the floor scrubber's tank with WOCA Master Soap in a mix ratio of 1:40.
Master Soap Product Info
coverage: 320-400 m2 per liter
dries within 20-30 minutes

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