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Woca Panel White 2.5L

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Woca Panel White 2.5L 2.5L White
2.5L White
Woca Panel White 2.5L 0.75L Extra White
0.75L Extra White
29.90 42.65
Woca Panel White 2.5L 2.5L Extra White
2.5L Extra White


Woca Panel White 2.5L - Whitening of ceilings and panels

  • Preserves the natural structure of the wood
  • Delays discolourating of resin and protects against "popping" of the knots
  • Certified by IBR

Panel White is a ­water-based product for the lightening up of yellowed wood, e.g. ceilings and wall panels. Panel White is used indoors for un­treated and lacquered softwood.

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