Exterior Wood Shield

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WOCA Exterior Wood Shield

Long-lasting protection of untreated wood

  • Gives the wood a water and dirt-resistant surface
  • Extends the lifetime of the wood
  • Increases the resistance of wood to wind and weather
  • Can also be used in other absorbent outdoor surfaces such as tiles, concrete and stone

The surface must be completely dry and free of dust, dirt and algae. If the surface is very grimy, clean first with WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner. For optimum protection, we recommend light sanding of the surface afterwards, so the wood is completely smooth and pleasant to walk on.

  1. Shake the container well.
  2. Apply Exterior Wood Shield using a WOCA Oil Applicator, spraygun, brush or by dipping the wood. It is important that the product is applied thoroughly and evenly. For application using a spraygun, keel the spray nozzle approx. 10-15 cm from the surface.
  3. Leave the wood to dry. Exterior Wood Shield does not give full protection until 2-4 days have passed.
  4. It is a good idea to retreat the surface 1-2 times a year to achieve optimum protection. Please note: Surfaces treated with Exterior Wood Shield cannot be painted or oiled and should therefore be sanded down and cleaned with WOCA Exterior Deep Cleaner before treating the wood with WOCA Exterior Wood Oil.

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