Terraces - Starter - Set 30qm

Terraces - Starter - Set 30qm Nature + 20% UV protection
Nature + 20% UV protection
189.90 303.55
Terraces - Starter - Set 30qm Teak
192.90 306.55
Terraces - Starter - Set 30qm Bangkirai
192.90 306.55
Terraces - Starter - Set 30qm Sipo / IPE
Sipo / IPE
195.90 308.55
Terraces - Starter - Set 30qm Thermo Esche / Bambus
Thermo Esche / Bambus
195.90 308.55


WOCA Terraces - Starter - Set Promotion postage free 30m2 Starter-Set-2024

Only at WOCA-SHOP.ch

Exterior oil natural with 20% UV protection!

The new production with 0.5L free promotion 2024 is available again

1 x 1.0L WOCA Exteriorcleaner

Removes dirt and growth, grays the wood

For furniture, wooden decking
Does not remove the oil in the wood
For manual or machine cleaning

 Consumption of Exterior Cleaner depending on soiling approx. 10-30 m²/l.

 1 x 3.0L Exterior Oil Exterior Wood Oil 

Excellent protection and UV protection
Mold and fungus inhibiting
For untreated or oiled wooden surfaces
Fast drying

Consumption is around 8-12 m²/l.

Fulfills the exclusion criteria according to Minergie-Eco

1 x terrace scrubber for stubborn cleaning, incl. rod

1 x terrace joint brush
1 x special brush for terraces 14cm incl. rod
1 x Oil tray for exterior oil
1 x 40mm edge brush free of charge

Unpack and get started.

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