Exterior Wash-in Oil

Exterior Wash-in Oil 2.5L


WOCA Exterior Wash-in Oil

Revitalising oil soap for outdoor wood

  • 3 in 1 - cleans, oils and maintains
  • Retains the beautiful look of the wood
  • Increases the resistance of wood to wind and weather
  • Postpones re-oiling
  • Extends the lifetime of the wood

Forget about re-oiling for a while. Exterior Wash-in Oil is a mild oil soap for cleaning and care of oiled outdoor surfaces, such as wooden patios and garden furniture. Not only is Exterior Wash-in Oil a non-harsh surface cleaner, but it also adds extra oil to the surface, penetrating the wood and providing additional protection for up to 6 weeks.

How to..

  1. If the surface is very grimy, clean first with WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner.
  2. Mix Exterior Wash-in Oil with clean water in a mixture ratio of 1:30.
  3. Apply the diluted Exterior Wash-in Oil using a WOCA Oil Applicator, soft brush or swabber and work the oil soap right into the wood.
  4. Leave the mixture to stand for 10 minutes before rinsing off excess oil soap with clean water.
  5. Leave the surface to dry before use.

For better results, retreat the surface every 4-6 weeks to retain the beautiful look of the wood and to postpone the next proper re-oiling.