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WOCA Exterioröl Promo 3.0L Sipo / IPE
3.0L Sipo / IPE Sale!
SFr. 123.85 SFr. 98.75
WOCA Exterioröl Promo 3.0L Thermo Esche Bambus
3.0L Thermo Esche Bambus Sale!
SFr. 123.85 SFr. 98.75
WOCA Exterioröl Promo 2.5liter nature
2.5liter nature Sale!
SFr. 113.35 SFr. 89.90


Woca Exterior Oil 20 % Free
for garden furniture, wooden terrace, wooden facadeThe new generation of outdoor oil

The next generation of outdoor oil
WOCA Exterior Oil is designed for the basic treatment of all woods in the outdoor areas of the home, including outdoor furniture, wood exteriors, and wood decks. Exterior Oil offers excellent protection against weathering and UV rays. It inhibits the growth of mold and fungus and prevents the wood from greying too quickly.

Woca Exterior Oil is available in ten different colors to give your deck its own individual look. Depending on the type of wood, each color produces different results. For this reason, we recommend testing out a sample. You can order a tester from us to see for yourself.

Works with:
Exterior Oil may be used to treat any kind of wood. However, WOCA Exterior Oil should not be used on waterproofed or glazed wood.